Fiber optic may be coming to Brown City; water tower inspected

Brown City officials met with representatives of Ari-Valley Services and Pigeon Telephone January 30th to discuss bringing fiber-optic broadband service to the Brown City.

While AVS stated they supported extending their system to Brown City residents, they need to follow the same procedures used in Peck and Deckerville to determine whether the market will support a large investment.

AVS requested City support to help them make this determination, with the first step being to send a survey to all Brown City households and businesses to determine the level of interest in the broadband service.

The City provided contact information, and AVS will produce and mail the survey. AVS representatives also asked that City Council support the effort by asking residents to complete and return the survey and by acting on project permits as soon as possible after they are submitted.

In other Brown City council news, Utility Service Company, as part of the existing contract, conducted the annual inspection of the City water tower.

All interior tank surfaces were inspected with a submersible remotely operated vehicle to assess the overall coatings and structural conditions while allowing the tank to remain in-service.

The ROV unit is strictly used for potable water use, and was disinfected prior to entry into the tank. The inspection focused on five areas: coating type & condition; safety; sanitary; security; and structural. No deficiencies were noted.

The next inspection will probably be in September, 2020. A copy of the report is available for review at City Hall.