Trump to be inaugurated with Lincoln Bible

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Presidential Inaugural Committee says Donald Trump will be sworn in as president Friday using two Bibles – his own and the Bible that Abraham Lincoln used at his first inauguration. The oath of office will be administered by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Committee chairman Tom Barrack says Trump “is humbled to place his hand on Bibles that hold special meaning both to his family and to our country.”

Trump’s Bible was presented to him by his mother upon his graduation from Sunday Church Primary School in 1955. The Bible is a revised standard version and is embossed with Trump’s name on the lower portion of the front cover.

The Lincoln Bible is bound in burgundy velvet with metal rim along the edges of the covers. After Lincoln’s first inauguration in 1861, it was next used for President Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 and again in 2013.