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NEW YORK (AP) - The "Today" show is remembering its biggest fan. Its hosts paid tribute Monday to the late "superfan" Linny Boyette, who for nearly 20-years was on hand in the Rockefeller Center plaza to watch the show in person. Matt Lauer said he was "part of the show." Al Roker called him "a good luck charm." Boyette was a familiar face to viewers as the cameras panned the throng that gathers for the NBC morning show outside its studio in New York. Rain or shine, he would reserve his spot by 5:30 a.m. after taking the subway from home in the Bronx. The show says Boyette died Sunday at age 71 of complications following a heart attack. Boyette was a military veteran born in England. 

NEW YORK (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton may or may not run for president. But daughter Chelsea is hoping to bestow another title on her: grandmother. The daughter of Hillary and former president Bill Clinton tells Glamour magazine that she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, are hoping to start a family - "God willing." She adds that her mother asks about their baby plans "every single day." Chelsea Clinton says in the November issue that 2014 will be "the year of the baby." The 33-year-old Clinton is vice chairwoman of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. It was previously known as the William J. Clinton Foundation. She would not comment on her mother's possible 2016 presidential run except to say that she'll support her in whatever she does.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Vivian Campbell says his fellow members of Def Leppard helped him get through his battle against cancer. The guitarist says he leaned on group members to help him perform as he worked his way through a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma - and the chemotherapy he had to take to help him recover. Campbell started treatment in April - but was able to go along with the band for a monthlong tour that wrapped up in July - slipping in chemo treatments between show dates. Campbell says being with the group "was a big part" of his mental recovery from the disease. He says it gave him the chance to "work through it instead of staying at home and feeling sorry for himself."

Thursday, 03 October 2013 09:40

Michael Jackson's doctor relieved at verdict

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The doctor who went to prison for killing Michael Jackson with a drug overdose says he cried when he heard a jury rejected a claim that the promoter of the singer's comeback concerts was negligent in hiring him. Katherine Jackson had sought to hold AEG Live LLC responsible for her son's death, arguing that it hired Dr. Conrad Murray to be the singer's physician without considering whether he was fit for the job. Murray told NBC's "Today" show on Thursday from prison that he cried when he heard the jury's verdict. He said he was "relieved" even though he always believed the wrongful-death lawsuit was "frivolous." Murray is appealing his 2011 involuntary manslaughter conviction. He's due to be released from prison later this month. He says he's looking forward to reuniting with his family and restarting his life.   

UNDATED (AP) - Some people are upset because a poster for an upcoming movie about Princess Diana has been put up above the traffic tunnel in Paris where she was killed in a car accident in 1997. People.com says the poster is just a few feet away from the Flame of Liberty, which is an unofficial memorial for Diana. One of Diana's close confidantes says it's "despicable" to have an ad in that spot, especially an ad for a movie she says "should never have been made." But a spokesman for Paris City Hall says the posters are "all over" Paris and are all displayed legally. Naomi Watts stars in "Diana," which is due out next month.

UNDATED (AP) - There will be one less main character on "The Simpsons" by the end of the season. One of them is going to die. The Los Angeles Times says executive producer Al Jean told reporters in a conference call that they're working on a script "where a character will pass away." He says the actor won an Emmy for voicing that character. That isn't much of a clue. The entire main cast and some guest voices have won Emmys. The last character to die on the Simpsons was Maude Flanders.

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 09:36

Darius Rucker's "Seasons"

NASHVILLE (AP) - To hear Darius Rucker tell it, there are really only two seasons of the year - not four: "football season and waiting-for-football season." And once the football season gets under way, he is "always excited." That should be no surprise if you remember Rucker from his Hootie and the Blowfish days. There's the lyric in "I Only Want To Be With You" when he complains that his girlfriend thinks he's "a baby 'cause the Dolphins make" him cry. Rucker says he appreciates American football more as he gets to sample sports in other countries. He says whenever he visits a new country, he tries to check out the national sport. Now that he's been around some, he declares: "I honestly believe that football is the greatest sport in the world."

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