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Thursday, 29 November 2012 10:41

Michigan based business gets $3.8M for wire project

(LAPEER) -- A Michigan-based business is getting $3.8 million to develop a low-cost superconducting wire for use by electric utilities. The U.S. Department of Energy announced the funding Wednesday for Lapeer-based Grid Logic Inc. It's one of 66 projects that the department says is getting a share of $130 million in "OPEN 2012" funding. It's through the department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy, or ARPA-E. The government says Grid Logic will embed very fine superconducting particles in a combination of metals to induce superconductivity. The Energy Department says such a wire would reduce the cost of transmission lines, motors for wind turbines and other electric devices, and is considered a potential "game-changing" technology.