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Thursday, 15 November 2012 11:05

Marlette Regional Hospital and McKenzie Health System Announce Joint Affiliation Agreement

(AREA) -- Marlette Regional Hospital and McKenzie Health System have announced plans to affiliate. Since 2012, the hospitals' leadership teams have been meeting regularly to explore opportunities to collaborate in providing quality health care to the area communities. Through these meetings, a number of projects have been initiated and have resulted in increased patient access to care and decreased cost to each organization.

Over the next several months, the respective boards of each hospital will be working to establish a joint affiliation agreement.  Each board is committed to preserving the unique and positive attributes of it's organization, while capitalizing on the strengths of each hospital. Each organization will retain its own licenses, name, services, and continue to retain the funds and assets it has accumulated in the past and will accumulate into the future.  Leaders from each hospital will have equal representation from both organizations. The goal is to create a parent corporation that can represent the collective markets, services, medical staff, and many other resources held by both hospitals. Within the next several months, a final affiliation agreement will be submitted to both the Board of Incorporators of Marlette Regional Hospital and the corporate board of McKenzie Health System for approval.

Dan Babcock, CEO of Marlette Regional Hospital, says the affiliation action is progressive for rural hospitals. He added that the hospitals have been fortunate to be able to make these plans while they are both in positions of financial strength, which has given them the time to develop a strong relationship built on trust.  Steve Barnett CEO of McKenzie Health System says they believe this action will preserve and improve the future of healthcare in our expanded community.

PICTURED: Left-Dan Babcock, CEO of MRH, Richt-Steve Barnett, CEO of McKenzie Health System