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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 15:09

Sandusky City Council tables 4-H Fair Fireworks decision

(SANDUSKY) -- Following the expression of concerns by members of the 4-H council, the Sandusky City Council tabled a request from the Sanilac County Fair Board for a variance to allow a fireworks display following the grandstand shows at this year's Sanilac County 4-H fair. The variance is needed because the city ordinance allows fireworks only during holiday periods. Clint Stoutenburg representing the 4-H Fair Board, said the carnival's owner Matt McDonagh was offering the fireworks at no extra charge. The fireworks would be much less powerful than the fireworks that are normally used for community fireworks displays and would be between 5-10 minutes each evening. About 30 4-H members were in attendance and six people addressed the council regarding concerns of the animals health and safety. In tabling the issue, Sandusky City Council members urged the fair board and 4-H members to get together and iron out their differences. The decision will be made at the Monday, August 4 meeting of the council. This year's fair begins on Sunday, August 17.