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Tuesday, 03 June 2014 16:08

Sanilac County Commissioners receive update on recycling center

(SANILAC COUNTY) -- The Sanilac County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday afternoon and received an update from Sanilac County Recycling Center Supervisor Jo Ann Bye. Bye says that recycling has been backed up since Sheriff Biniecki pulled inmates from working at the facility last month. Since then, the county has hired two part-time employees to work at the recycling center. In the past, Bye says up to twenty inmates would be working at the facility on any given day. Commissioners also voted unanimously to remove recycling roll-off containers from locations throughout the county. Bye said that the condition of the roll-offs has become "disgusting." She adds that close to fifty percent of the contents of the roll-off containers is garbage. As part of the measure, commissioners will place ads throughout the county informing citizens of when the roll-offs will be removed. Additionally, commissioners moved to reinstate the county recycling committee.