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Friday, 30 May 2014 14:18

Crews remove tunneling machine from Lake Huron

(SANILAC COUNTY) -- Crews putting in a Lake Huron pipeline that will bring water to Flint and other area communities have removed a massive tunneling machine from the lake. Workers wearing hard hats and life jackets took pictures with their phones as the 78,000-pound contraption emerged from a shaft on Thursday near Worth Township. Project contractor Bob D'Agostini says the machine's removal marks the end of the tunnel portion of the project. The next step is to have divers excavate with a hydraulic excavator off a barge to install an intake pipe. Crews are expected to burrow another 1.25 miles into Lake Huron. D'Agostini says the intake tunnel will be done in October and will bring water to a pump station on the west side of M-25. The pump station is expected to be in place by October 2015. Water will be pushed west along Fisher Road to a second pump station in Lynn Township and then travel west to the Genesee Water Treatment plan in Lapeer County's Oregon Township. Finally, water will head west another 17 miles to customers in Flint and other Genesee County customers. Genesee County officials estimate having their own Lake Huron pipeline will save the county around $3 million a year. The project is estimated to cost around $250 million.