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Wednesday, 07 May 2014 10:58

Jack White produces an "Ultra LP" version of "Lazaretto"

NASHVILLE (AP) - Jack White is putting out a vinyl version of his "Lazaretto" album that's unlike any LP you've seen. Side A plays from the inside out, and the dead wax area contains a hologram that moves when played. Two tracks are only on the vinyl version and are hidden beneath the center label. They are played by dropping the needle on the paper. One of the hidden tracks plays at 78 rpm, while the other plays at 45 rpm. Since the rest of the album is at 33 rpm, it's a three-speed record. The song "Just One Drink" has either an electric or an acoustic intro, depending where you drop the needle, but the grooves meet for the rest of the song. Both side A and side B end with locked grooves that repeat, like The Beatles did on the "Sgt. Pepper" album. One side of the album is shiny and the other side is matte. Too much to fathom? Watch White demonstrate it at www.JackWhiteiii.com . "Lazaretto" comes out June 10.