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Monday, 12 November 2012 10:28

Michigan men unearth pieces of downed WWII-era plane

(CASCO TOWNSHIP) -- Four men say they have unearthed pieces of a World War II-era fighter plane in a southeastern Michigan farm field. Jim Clary, his brother, Ben, and two men from the Michigan Treasure Hunters used metal detectors to make the find Friday in St. Clair County's Casco Township just east of Richmond. Jim Clary says the recovered fragments are from a P-38D Lightning that was piloted by 2nd Lt. Al Voss, a native of Elgin, Illinois, assigned to the 94th Pursuit Squadron stationed at Selfridge air base in Michigan. Voss died in the October 1941 crash. Reports say the men uncovered several shards of the plane about 8 inches down in the dirt.