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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 10:49

Green introduces new CPL process reform bill

(AREA) -- State Senator Mike Green of Mayville introduced legislation on Tuesday to make Michigan's concealed pistol license process more efficient and cost-effective. Senate Bill 789 will make the concealed pistol license process more efficient by eliminating the county concealed weapons licensing boards created in 1927. Their authority would be delegated to county clerks who already accept applications and issue approved licenses. License decisions would have to be made within a strict 45 day time limit from the date fingerprints are taken. The current deadline is widely viewed as unenforceable. Of the existing $105 license fee, the Michigan State Police receives the largest portion at $64, clerks $26 and sheriff's $15. Although receiving the smallest portion of the fee, sheriff's are required to conduct the time-intensive background and court records checks. Many sheriff's claim they lose money in the process due to the expense of assigning deputies to process the licenses. To address this concern, Senator Green is proposing that the Michigan State Police take over the background checks with no additional funding and allow sheriffs to keep $15 for fingerprinting on initial applications. Because fingerprints are now stored electronically and are not required for most renewal applicants, the renewal fee would be reduced to $90. The bill is supported by the National Rifle Association and the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.