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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 10:23

Beatles Tribute makes stars nervous

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Brad Paisley says there's a reason people "get blasted when they cover Beatles songs" - the group has done some of the best music of all time and when someone else does it, they end up looking bad. And adding to the mix: covering those songs while the two surviving members of the group are right there watching you. That was the problem facing some of music's biggest stars Monday night as they performed a tribute to the group in Los Angeles. Paisley and Pharrell Williams joined on "Here Comes the Sun," while John Legend and Alicia Keys teamed up on "Let It Be," while Katy Perry did "Yesterday" - and her boyfriend John Mayer tag-teamed with Keith Urban on "Don't Let Me Down." At the end Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr took the stage and there was a huge sing-along of some of their biggest hits: "Hey Jude," "Sgt. Pepper" and "Yellow Submarine." Starr reminded the audience about the two Beatles who have died: John Lennon and George Harrison. Starr told the audience: "We were in a band. It's called The Beatles. And if we play, John and George are always with us. It's always John, Paul, George and Ringo." The telecast airs February 9 on CBS. The air date comes 50 years after the group made their first American TV appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."