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Friday, 24 January 2014 10:59

Starbucks sees early promise in croissant makeover

NEW YORK (AP) - Starbucks was never exactly known for its croissants - or any of the baked goods, for that matter. But now the company is seeing promising signs for its revamped lineup of sweets, which has made its way to about a third of its U.S. cafes. Starbucks' Chief Financial Officer Troy Alstead said Thursday that croissant sales have doubled wherever the new recipes have been introduced. The changes started back in 2012, after Starbucks acquired La Boulange, a small bakery chain in the San Francisco Bay area. Starbucks saw it as an opportunity to improve the image of its baked goods - and significantly boost sales. The idea: Get more people to add a croissant or lemon loaf to their purchase whenever they stop in for a latte.