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Thursday, 09 January 2014 10:27

Area farmers asked to nominate local schools

(AREA) -- For the 3rd consecutive year, the Monsanto Fund is sponsoring "America's Farmers Grow Rural Education" and giving eligible farmers across the country the opportunity to enhance math and science programs in their communities. Now through April 6, farmers may nominate a local public school district to compete for a merit-based grant of up to $25,000. Administrators of nominated school districts may then submit grant applications through April 21. This year, the number of eligible counties has expanded to 1,289 across 39 states. Last year, the Sanilac Career Center's Bio-Tech Program and Sanilac County FFA Chapter were awarded $10,000, which was used to fund a new maple syrup production lab for the Bio-Tech Program. Seven area farmers nominated the program for the grant.