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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:32

Food Safety Reminder from Sanilac Co. Health Department Health Officer Dianna Schafer

(AREA) -- Sanilac County Health Department's Health Officer Dianna Schafer is clearing up any confusion regarding the requirements for temporary food permits in the wake of last week's Country Christmas Weekend in Sandusky. According to Schafer, under the Michigan Food Law (Act 92, P.A. 2000), groups or individuals serving potentially hazardous foods to the public must obtain a temporary food license permit. Temporary food permits may be obtained by notifying the Health Department at least 5 days prior to the event to avoid late fees. The county's Food Service Sanitarian works with those groups or individuals and completes an inspection of the site the day of the event. The inspection ensures the safety of food being served to the public and prevents a food borne illness outbreak. Organizations and groups are reminded that at any event where food is served to the public must have a temporary food permit, even if the food is given away for free. For more information contact the Sanilac County Health Department at 810-648-4098 ext. 124