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Wednesday, 04 December 2013 15:50

2013 "Shop with a Hero" program a success

(SANDUSKY) -- Over 25 volunteers from local police departments, EMS services, and fire departments participated in this year's "Shop with a Hero" event Tuesday night at Wal-Mart in Sandusky. The program, which is funded entirely through grants and donations, gives disadvantaged youth the opportunity to go Christmas shopping for their family with a hero. Amanda Wojcik, Administrative Assistant at the Sanilac County Sherriff's Office, helps organize the program. She says this is the third year "Shop with a Hero" has been held.

"It actually began when there was another company that wanted to donate some money in the area because they were doing windmills. So they donated some money and we got some help, of course from Wal-Mart. They still supply the area to have it, cookies, and they do a great job of decorating for the kids--everything is so organized," Wojcik says. "Pizza Hut donates all the pizza and breadsticks for the children who are shopping and the volunteers, and then the Department of Human Services helps us get the list of the kids together, and they go through and pick the children that they bring in to shop."

Wojcik adds that 19 children from around the county shopped with a hero for their family this year, helping a total of over 90 disadvantaged people.

Pictured: Raymond shops with Dep. Thompson from the Sanilac County Sherriff's Department