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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 14:47

Sandusky City Council addresses incident at airport

(SANDUSKY) -- The Sandusky City Council met Monday night and heard from Joseph Allen, manager of the Sandusky City Airport. Allen presented the council with a letter he received from the Olds Forge Flyers aviation club of Lansing concerning an incident that happened at the airport in August. According to the letter, an airport employee directed a pilot flying one of the club's planes to a parking space off the runway. The letter charges that, because of instructions from the airport employee, the pilot struck a hole while taxying to a parking spot, causing over $32,000 in damages to the plane. Allen says no airport employee directed the pilot, and that the FFA has determined the incident to be an accident--mainly because Sandusky's airport is not one with controlled airspace, and all decisions made are under the pilot's discretion. City Manager Dave Faber recommended that the city not reimburse the club. He says Sandusky's insurance company is handling the issue.