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Thursday, 24 October 2013 10:49

Bat tests positive for rabies in Kingston

(KINGSTON) -- The Tuscola County Health Department recently confirmed that a bat tested positive for rabies at a Kingston area dog kennel. Reports say the bat was found by the kennel's owner after being exposed to the dogs. Those dogs have been quarantined and vaccinated. No human exposure has been reported, but health officials urge residents to play it safe. If a bat is found in your home, collect the bat in a safe manner and bring it in to the health department to have it tested. Health departments only test bats that have been exposed to humans. Bats that have been exposed to animals are handled by a veterinarian and the Department of Natural Resources. Rabies are transmitted from saliva or neural tissue. The last time a bat tested positive for rabies in the Thumb was in September 2011 in Huron County.