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Thursday, 17 October 2013 11:51

Pavlov co-sponsors, Senate unanimously passes, identity theft protection measure

(AREA) -- State Senator Phil Pavlov of St. Clair Township has co-sponsored Senate Bill 174, a measure that would protect Michigan residents, especially children, from identity theft. The bill would allow an individual to block access to their credit report upon a simple request. Michigan is one of two states in the country that does not have a credit freeze law in place. The bill unanimously passed the Michigan Senate on Wednesday. Identity theft occurs when an individual's Social Security number is used for personal gain by another. Criminals can establish lines of credit, obtain driver's licenses or even buy a house using another person's identity. The largest study on child identity theft, conducted in 2010, found that of 40,000 children, 10.2 percent were victims of identity theft. A $10 fee could be charged by a consumer reporting agency for a placement or lifting of a security freeze. The bill now moves to the House Committee on Financial Services.