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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 10:38

Fall Harvest Numbers in Michigan

(AREA) -- The fall harvest season is well under way, with combines across the Lower Peninsula getting the state's dry beans out of the field and into storage. Small grains like wheat and barley are already in the bin for the year with soybean and corn harvests happening in the coming weeks. Growers in the Thumb and Saginaw Valley are in the midst of harvesting dry beans. This year's crop developed on pace with a 5-year average. Planting started in early June and 60 percent of the crop was in good to excellent condition by late July. Growers expect yields of 1,900 pounds per acre, up 110 pounds from last year and outpacing the national average of 1,795 pounds per acre. Michigan wheat producers averaged 75 bushels per acre this year, down slightly from last year's 76-bushels-per-acre yield. Overall wheat production was 45 million bushels, up almost 10 percent compared to 2012. The state's average oat yield this year was 62 bushels per acre, up two bushels from last year and barley growers benefited from cooler weather in 2013, with yields averaging 52 bushels per acre, up four bushels from 2012.