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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 12:00

Marlette Regional Hospital and McKenzie Health System Finalize Affiliation Agreement

(AREA) -- The leadership teams at McKenzie Health System and Marlette Regional Hospital have taken another step in their affiliation process that aims to provide enhanced patient
care while controlling costs for each organization. The collaboration, which started in 2010, will provide patients with access to more services, medical staff and resources held by the two hospitals.

Steve Barnett, CEO of McKenzie says a good example of the benefits of our collaboration was shown when Marlette needed additional family healthcare providers and McKenzie's Dr. James Sams and Nurse Practitioner Erin Roberts were quickly able to begin offering office hours at Family HealthCare of Marlette. In addition, specialty physicians, such as a cardiologist and two general surgeons, have begun to provide services at both hospitals within the last year.

The collaboration also allows equipment and materials to be shared. According to Dan Babcock, CEO of Marlette Regional Hospital, when a McKenzie ambulance was suddenly out of commission last year, Marlette had an extra ambulance that was put into immediate use until a new vehicle arrived at McKenzie.

Each organization will retain its own licenses, names, services, and continue to retain the funds and assets they have accumulated in the past and will accumulate into the future. The parent company, United Healthcare Partners, will have equal representation from both organizations and will hold its first board meeting on October 14.

Marlette Regional Hospital CEO Dan Babcock                                                     McKenzie Health System CEO Steve Barnett