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Monday, 26 August 2013 14:47

AutoTrader.com "Next Generation Car Buyer" study and fireside chat about Millennials

(DETROIT) -- AutoTrader.com, the leading online automotive marketplace, has just completed an extensive study of millennial car shoppers titled, "The Next Generation Car Buyer." The study was designed to paint a complete picture of how millennials relate to automotive brands and shop for vehicles. AutoTrader Senior Director of Research and Marketing Analytics, Isabelle Helms, announced the results of the study, revealing what millennials think about specific automotive brands and the many differences in attitudes and behaviors between millennials and older generations when it comes to cars and car shopping during an Automotive Press Association luncheon Friday, August 23 at the Detroit Athletic Club. The millennials are considered between the ages of 16 to 32 and only 38% feel they should buy American made cars. However, they have been buying vehicles made in the U.S. They are listening to their friends and buying reasonably priced vehicles that look sharp and have the dated technical features. They consider the salesperson as important and the manner in which they are treated. The older millennials consider Chevrolet and Ford when purchasing vehicles.

Submitted by G.E.B