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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 10:53

Scam targets homeowners

(AREA) -- The Michigan State Police warn citizens of a recent increase in "gypsy scams" in Tuscola County. This one involves asphalt paving. The perpetrator is telling the homeowner that they have asphalt left over from another job and offers to resurface their driveway or sidewalk at a reduced cost. When the homeowner agrees, the scam artist proceeds to either apply a thin layer of asphalt that breaks away in a few days, or uses a substance other than asphalt. The perpetrators collect their money and leave before the homeowner is aware of the substandard work. The scam can also involve the perpetrator partially completing the job, requesting payment and then never returning to finish. To report a possible scam, residents are asked to contact the Michigan State Police Caro Post at 989-673-2156.