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Friday, 09 August 2013 10:55

Beyonce-Hair Yesterday, Gone Today?

UNDATED (AP) - Has she decided to leave the weave? Is it a reaction to her having her locks caught up in a fan during a show last month? Or, like, many women do, did Beyonce just decide to change things up a little - well, just because? Depends on who you ask when it comes to Beyonce's new hairdo. She now has a pixie cut. It's dyed blonde, with her brown roots still showing in spots. She's been showing off the new look on Instagram - and the "cut" has fans buzzing. Beyonce has had short hair in public before - but those were for movie roles. Fans on Instagram seem divided on the new look. Last month, while performing in Montreal, Beyonce got her extensions caught in the blades of a fan as she moved close to the audience. A crew member had to use a pair of scissors to get her free. She wasn't hurt, kept singing through the incident - and even joked about it later online.