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Friday, 19 July 2013 15:03

Sheriff warns of latest computer scam

(HURON COUNTY) -- Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson is warning residents of a computer virus scam. The virus, known as the FBI Virus or the Moneypak Virus, makes a screen appear on the victims computer. The prompt claims to be from the FBI, warning that illegal content was discovered. The user is unable to clear the screen. Instructions then appear to create a disposable credit card and code. In one case, Hanson says a victim transmitted $300, per instructions on the computer. The screen never went away. It is even alleged that one version of the virus affects laptop computers equipped with built-in cameras, taking a picture of the individual reading the screen. The image is then superimposed on the screen along with a FBI warning. Residents are asked not to respond to the scam. Contact a computer professional who will direct you to websites that deal with these types of infections and offer tips for removing them.