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Friday, 19 July 2013 10:43

Tuscola Co. Circuit Court Partnering with Alternative Incarceration Program to Save Money

(CARO) -- In a move that promises to cut costs and improve outcomes, the 54th Circuit Court in Tuscola County has been making increased use of the Tri-County Community Adjudication Program. TRI-CAP functions as an alternative to prison and provides a cost-effective way to provide treatment and counseling to offenders. Individuals in the program are given treatment for things such as substance abuse and receive tools to become productive members of society once again. The Michigan Department of Corrections reports that the average cost of a day in state prison in 2012 was $94.13, while a day at TRI-CAP costs $47.50. Circuit Court Judge Amy Gierhart says the facility's random drug screening and other disciplinary measures mean that offenders who can't get with the program can be identified and sent to prison if necessary.