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Thursday, 18 July 2013 11:17

Meth Lab Discovered in Bad Axe

(BAD AXE) -- A meth lab was discovered in the city of Bad Axe during a raid Wednesday night at 625 Oliver Street. Bad Axe Police were assisted by the Huron County Sheriff's Department and members of the BAYANET (Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team). Officers found components used in making meth discarded in a kitchen garbage bag at the home. The garbage was taken outside for processing and ignited on fire. The Bad Axe Fire Department was on the scene to extinguish two separate small fires. Officials warn that meth lab components are volatile and dangerous and can ignite at any time. The search warrant Wednesday was the second executed this year in Bad Axe regarding methamphetamines or a meth lab. Four other raids have taken place in other locations of Huron County in recent months. It is unknown if any arrests were made Wednesday.