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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 14:41

Dave Matthews gets lift from a fan

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania (AP) - Dave Matthews had been planning to take his bicycle to his concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania this past Saturday. But he ended up having his bicycle taken to the show for him. The musician was on his way to the show when the bike got a flat - and he was left flat because he didn't have a cell phone. Along came Emily Kraus and her boyfriend, who were headed to their show. They realized the stranded guy was Matthews - and the two of them put the singer's bike on their own rack and drove him to the show. Matthews was grateful - and showed it. He gave the woman a shout out from the stage during the show, gave them front-row seats, invited them backstage and even autographed their tickets. Kraus says she still can't believe what happened, saying "it was surreal."