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Monday, 15 July 2013 11:30

Diver suffers decompression sickness

(SANILAC COUNTY) -- For the third time in four days, Sanilac County Sheriff's deputies were called to assist in a water-related incident. The latest occurred early Saturday evening around 5:45 p.m. when a 43-year Ypsilanti man was taken to McKenzie Hospital in Sandusky and later air lifted to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids for specialized treatment. Investigating Deputies Adams and Marschall reported that the victim, 43-year old Stephen Walter, became dizzy and disoriented, then started vomiting shortly after surfacing from a scuba dive on the shipwreck Regina in Lake Huron near Port Sanilac. Authorities believed that he was suffering from an illness called Decompression Sickness, which requires treatment in a Recompression Chamber. Port Sanilac Fire and Rescue and Sanilac Ambulance Service assisted the Sheriff's Office Marine Division.