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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 14:27

Congresswoman Candice Miller's thoughts this Fourth of July

(AREA) -- U.S. Representative Candice Miller made the following statement on the upcoming Fourth of July: "Thursday marks our Independence Day and Americans from across the nation will gather with family and friends to mark 237-years of freedom and democracy. For more than two centuries, as a nation we have experienced countless events which have molded and shaped our path forward. Throughout the years, one thing remains consistent-the American Spirit. We see this spirit in average citizens who have stepped forward and assisted a neighbor whether be down the street or across the world. We see this spirit in each and every individual who has donned the uniform in defense of our nation's freedom. And as we enjoy the traditional picnics, barbeques, parades and firework celebrations, we extend our thanks to those men and women who on this day are currently standing in our nation's name across the globe. They are in our thoughts and prayers on this Independence Day. The Fourth of July is a celebration of American resilience and dedication to upholding unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Our nation has never forgotten the true meaning of our founding statement, the Declaration of Independence, and our commitment to freedom will never change. Happy Fourth of July!"