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Thursday, 20 June 2013 11:36

DNR, State Police, and Lapeer County Sheriff form joint effort to curb illegal shooting activity

(LAPEER COUNTY) -- The DNR, Michigan State Police, and Lapeer County Sheriff's Department are joining forces to curb illegal shooting activity at the Roods Lake Road "shooting pit" in Lapeer County. The site is currently on the state-managed Lapeer State Game Area. Since mid-April, complaints have been increasing about loud explosions at the pit. Authorities began an investigation and found that illegal firearms, non-conforming targets, and exploding targets are being used at the site. The joint effort will include stepped up patrols. Under a land use order signed by the DNR director in 2012, people may target shoot at the site, but they may only shoot at paper, cardboard or clay targets during regular hunting hours. Target shooting is also allowed a half hour after sunset or before sunrise.