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Monday, 17 June 2013 11:28

Sheriff warns of scam targeting senior citizens

(HURON COUNTY) -- Residents are being warned of a recent scam that targets senior citizens. Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson says his office was contacted by a Lake Township resident that had received a package from Life Watch USA, delivered by UPS, containing a device similar to products through a medical alarm service. The victim recalled that several months earlier, she received a call from that company claiming that her children had purchased that product for her. She later found out that her children did not buy such an item. Hanson says it appears that some medical alarm companies are robocalling seniors saying that a family member, Doctor, or insurer has purchased the product for them, failing to mention that they will be charged for the service. The companies are obtaining information from victims, such as credit card numbers, and charging the account for something the victim was led to believe was free. Fortunately the Lake Township resident did not fall prey to the scam. According to the AARP, crooks scam seniors out of $3 billion annually with various ploys, but only 4% or less than 1 in 25 report these crimes, perhaps because they are too embarrassed.