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Monday, 03 June 2013 10:43

Congresswoman Miller supports the separation of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River

(AREA) -- U.S. Representative Candice Miller made the following statement applauding the recent comments of support to work towards separating the Great Lakes and Mississippi River systems made by state of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn during the Council of Great Lakes Governors meeting.  Congresswoman Miller has been calling for this type of solution of separating the Chicago area locks and waterways in order to stop the continued threat posed by the Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes. “I applaud Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on his statements supporting the action needed to rework the Chicago area locks and waterways system, and ultimately separate the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.  I and many others have been suggesting this type of action for decades.  It is very encouraging to hear this type of support and I applaud Gov. Quinn, and I also agree with him that this type of endeavor would be a project of national significance and the associated expenses should be viewed as such.  I look forward to this renewed dialogue and action to solve this detrimental problem posed by the Asian carp and other invasive species which threatens the Great Lakes and our surrounding states.”