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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 11:34

Sara Ylen's court dates rescheduled in Sanilac County fraud case

(SANILAC COUNTY) -- Sara Ylen will appear before the judge in Sanilac County District Court again in June. The 38-year old Lexington woman has been charged with six felony charges stemming from a lengthy fraud investigation. It was noted during a hearing Tuesday, that a significant amount of material will need to be reviewed by the defense prior to the preliminary exam. Ylen's pre-preliminary exam conference has been rescheduled for June 11 and her preliminary exam will be held July 2. She was arraigned earlier this month on charges of false pretenses, using a computer to commit a crime, and health care fraud. Investigators say Ylen claimed to have been diagnosed with cancer, which was found to be false. The charges stem from money raised during fundraiser benefits and thousands of dollars of hospice care from 2009-2011. Ylen remains free on bond and is scheduled to appear in St. Clair County District Court May 22 for arraignment on charges of filing a false felony and tampering with evidence. That case stems from an alleged false report Ylen made in September 2012 of being raped. In November 2012, a man convicted of raping Ylen was released from prison after nearly 10-years when new evidence emerged and authorities learned of other claims of rape made by Ylen in Michigan, California and Colorado, which were unfounded.