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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 14:34

Brown City moving forward with Maple Valley Road Project

(BROWN CITY) -- The Brown City Council Monday approved to proceed with the Maple Valley Road Project in conjunction with Sanilac County at a cost between $24,000 and $35,000. Council members received a report from the Streets and Sidewalks Committee, which included an update on the project. Resurfacing work is scheduled to take place on Walter Street between Main and Second Streets and Maple Valley Street from Merrill Street to the east. The cost to micro-coat, versus chip and seal Maple Street between Merrill and Welles Street and North Cade Road from Main Street to the city limits is being researched. Also, based on the availability of funds, the city will repair sidewalks in the community.

In other business, a lengthy discussion was held on a pending resolution regarding Even-Year Elections. The resolution died due to the lack of a motion.

The regular May 27 Brown City council meeting was rescheduled for Monday, May 20 due to the Memorial Day holiday.