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Monday, 06 May 2013 10:33

Woman pulled from the waters of Saginaw Bay

(HURON COUNTY) -- A 42-year old woman was rescued from the chilly waters of Lake Huron Saturday morning after her 10-foot sailboat capsized in the Saginaw Bay, about a half-mile offshore near Caseville. Huron County Sheriff's deputies responded by airboat. The victim, Phyllis Meek of Hemlock, was wearing a life jacket at the time of the mishap. A friend in a kayak attempted to tow her, as well as her sailboat back to shore. Meek was unable to hold on to the kayak because she had become hypothermic. She was pulled from the water by deputies, placed in hypothermic rescue gear, and taken to the Caseville Harbor. Meek was then transported to Scheurer Hospital in Pigeon by an awaiting ambulance crew. Sheriff Kelly Hansen stresses that extra boating caution needs to be observed this time of the year because the water is still very cold. The victim became hypothermic after being in the water for only 30 minutes.