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Monday, 29 April 2013 11:42

Congresswoman Miller: Additional User Fee for Crossing Our Land Border with Canada is Ill-Advised

(AREA) -- Congresswoman Candice Miller has joined in the fight against a proposal to study whether fees should be assessed on passengers and pedestrians at land border crossings. Miller says the President's Department of Homeland Security Fiscal Year 2014 budget request would harm border communities that depend on cross border travel and commerce from Canada. There is a high potential for the new fee to impose a negative impact on the state, especially southeast Michigan because of both the Blue Water Bridge and the Ambassador Bridge, as well as the Detroit-Windsor tunnel--all major crossings our nation shares with Canada. According to Congresswoman Miller, our Canadian friends spend about $57 million annually in St. Clair County alone, which represents nearly 25% of all money spent by Canadian visitors in the entire state each year, adding to the economy and creating jobs. Miller says that type of friendship should be encouraged, not discouraged. President Obama's administration suggests a study be conducted to asses a new fee on vehicles and pedestrians who cross the border. Miller and many of her colleagues believe such a fee would discourage economic activity and hurt local communities.