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Monday, 15 April 2013 18:13

Cardboard City brings in over $10,000

(SANDUSKY) -- High School students from all across Sanilac County gathered Saturday night on the Sanilac County Courthouse lawn for the Youth Advisory Council's twelfth annual Cardboard City. Jared Hutchins, a senior from Marlette High School who participated in Cardboard City, says the event is held each year to raise money for homelessness in the county.

"The money mostly goes to Eva's Place, the homeless shelter for women and children," Hutchins comments. "It also goes into several different funds that can be used for homelessness, like the State Police Department and the Sandusky Police Department."

Marlette junior Alex Beyers says students either find sponsors, or donate money out of their own pocket.

"Everybody who comes to cardboard city pays thirty-five dollars. They can also go around and collect donations from businesses. We go around our town of Marlette and we collect donations from businesses who want to donate, and other schools do that too. So, that's mainly how we get the money," Beyers says.

Over 100 high school students braved the elements Saturday night, which included below-freezing temperatures, snow, and even hail. This year's Cardboard City raised just under $10,900.

Pictured: Marlette High School students Jared Hutchins, Destiny Bruderick, and Alex Beyers take a break from setting up their boxes at this year's Cardboard City.