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Friday, 12 April 2013 14:58

U.S. Steel CEO speaks during APA Luncheon at the Detroit Athletic Club

(DETROIT) -- Chairman and CEO of U.S. Steel Corporation, John Surma spoke at the Automotive Press Association Luncheon held at the Detroit Athletic Club Thursday, April 11. Surma discussed how steel uniquely offers the complete package automakers seek in their safety and lightweighting initiatives, as well as a new steel industry project to meet future automotive industry needs. Surma touched on how new steel grades will play a critical role in evolving automotive designs to meet the 2025 54.5 mpg mandate. According to Surma, steel's continued growth and development is due to its wide range of properties that allow it to satisfy increasing vehicle safety and performance requirements while generating significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to other materials, all at a competitive cost. Surma cited multiple examples to support steel's "complete package" message, including the successful FutureSteelVehicle program that demonstrates how new steels and design methods can reduce body-in-white mass by 39-percent compared to traditional steel bodies, while also reducing life cycle emissions by nearly 70-percent without a cost increase. He also cited a project in which a front lower control arm made from an alternative material was replaced with an AHSS part of the same weight at 30-percent lower cost.