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Thursday, 11 April 2013 14:40

Yale man wants to drop guilty plea in $2M scam

(ST. CLAIR COUNTY) -- A Thumb area man who collected $2 million by fooling prison inmates across the country is getting cold feet and wants to withdraw his guilty plea. 57-year old John Wilson of Yale was supposed to get a prison sentence this week, but it was delayed after he learned that he could face at least 30 years behind bars. Wilson says he expected a maximum of 17 years when he pleaded guilty to fraud and a tax crime in December. He admits to contacting inmates and offering to get them released through research and a successful appeal. Wilson isn't a lawyer and has no college degree. His so-called research didn't help any inmates. Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Resnick Cohen says Wilson's guilty plea should stand. A decision could take weeks.