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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 10:57

Worth Township residents awaiting refund on judgement

(WORTH TOWNSHIP) -- Worth Township residents that paid into the Paeth judgement will see a refund. The township collected around $865,000 from residents on the summer 2011 tax roll and the money was held in escrow until the appeal was recently decided. A federal appeals court last June slashed the amount owed to the Worth Township couple after their plans to renovate their Lake Huron shoreline cottage were blocked. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated $325,000 of the award in the case. Sanilac County's Worth Township previously was ordered to pay George and Margaret Paeth about $600,000 plus more than $200,000 in the couple's legal fees. In 2007, a Sanilac County judge reversed a zoning board decision involving a variance issue, clearing the way for the couple to resume work on their home. The Paeths say within days, the township posted a stop-work order on their property, without the notice required by state law. They sued in federal court.