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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 11:08

Senator Green introduces digital proof of insurance measure

(AREA) -- State Senator Mike Green of Mayville has introduced legislation that would give drivers an electronic option when having to show their proof of insurance when pulled over by law enforcement. Senate Bill 91 would require law enforcement to accept digital versions of a proof of insurance as meeting the state's requirement for drivers to show evidence that their vehicle is insured. The bill would allow a driver to display the digital version to an officer on an electronic device, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Senator Green says current law does not specify that the certificate has to be printed, but that is the only accepted format in practice. By modernizing the law to reflect advances in technology, the legislation would ensure that drivers who do not have a printed certificate are not unnecessarily ticketed and fined for a violation, when their vehicle is properly insured. Senate Bill 91 has been referred to the Senate Transportation Committee for consideration.