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Thursday, 24 January 2013 14:28

Genesee County's Water Project going out for bids

(WORTH TOWNSHIP) -- Genesee County is getting closer to the construction of an intake pipeline that will extend nearly two miles into Lake Huron in Sanilac County's Worth Township for the raw water pipeline project for the Karegnondi Water Authority. The authority includes representatives from Flint, Lapeer, and Genesee, Lapeer and Sanilac counties. Genesee County bought more than 230 acres of former Detroit Edison property in the 7700 block of Fisher Road in Worth Township a couple of years back to eventually obtain a source of water for the city of Flint. The property includes 40 acres of shoreline for the project. Bids on the 78" intake pipeline will be accepted until February 26. Construction on the pipeline project is expected to take a year to complete and cost around $35 million. The pump station will be located in the woods on the west side of M-25. The intake pipe will tunnel 50 feet under the roadway, past the shoreline, and into the lake bed until it reaches a point where boring can be done from an anchored barge in Lake Huron. Water will run along the southern border of Sanilac County. A total cost for the project is between $270 and $300 million with a completion date set sometime in 2015.