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The History of Sanilac Broadcasting Company

Sanilac Broadcasting Company was founded in 1968 by George Benko and Robert Benko, when WMIC AM signed on the air June 27, 1968 from studios located in Sandusky, Michigan. WMIC was originally at 1560 on the AM dial where it remained for nineteen years.

On August 17 of 1971, WTGV-FM signed on at 97.7 FM as a simulcast partner of WMIC. In those days the stations were known and WMIC AM & FM.

George Benko

Robert Benko

In 1977, WTGV separated programming and aired an easy listening format, that has been been updated over the years to the present "Light-Rock" format.

In 1981, the stations became affiiiates of the ABC Information Network, and since 1983 Michigan's most respected meteorologists John McMurray and Judy Coy have been providing daily weather information.

In December 1987, an oportunity was taken to move WMIC 1560 to the left side of the dial to 660 AM. With this new clear-channel frequency, the information and entertainment that WMIC had provided could now heard be across most of lower Michigan and parts of Ontario!!!

G.B. Broadcasting president George Benko V
On Sept 2, 1999 WBGV-FM, known as Country 92.5, signed on, broadcasting ABC Radio Networks "The Best Country Around", a modern, fresh country music format. WBGV is owned by G.B. Broadcasting. Its president is George E. Benko V.
The goal of Sanilac Broadcasting has always been to provide listeners with up to the minute information and local content. We consisently set higher standards to provide you with local radio that is informative and entertaining. We hope you enjoy our stations and we appreciate your comments. Forward your comments by using the links found in "WAYS YOU CAN GET US" at the bottom of the page.