Port Huron Shooting Suspect Arrested

A suspect for a March 2022 shooting in Port Huron has been arrested. Port Huron Police had been looking for 33-year-old Lance Delorean Hardon following an investigation into the March 7th shooting of a home in the 1200 block of 9th Street. The shooting, which involved the firing of four to five rounds in the early morning hours, did not injure any of the residents, though it was close, as several bullets entered the home’s bedroom where two residents were sleeping. Following evidence and further investigation, the Port Huron Major Crimes Unit were able to locate Hardon yesterday as he left a business on 1700 Dove Street. After being taken in without incident, Hardon was arraigned on five weapons charges related to firearms and their role in the shooting. The charges are:

1. Weapons – Firearms – Discharge in or at a Building
2. Weapons – Firearms – Discharge from Vehicle
3. Weapons – Firearms – Possession by Felon
4. Weapons – Ammunition – Possession by Felon
5. Weapons – Felony Firearm Second Offense (3 counts)