Sanilac County Health Department tracks COVID weekly

(SANILAC COUNTY) – With schools back in session throughout the area, officials are monitoring the amount of cases of COVID more closely, not only in the schools, but across the county and have changed how they will be reporting statistics.

The Sanilac County Health Department placed two charts on their Facebook page late Wednesday afternoon, showing a breakdown of cases by age, as well as the number of cases based on zip codes.

The zip code chart is similar to one used over a year ago, prior to a larger scale lockdown that impacted the entire state.

In a brief statement with the posting, Health Department officials said they are moving back to weekly Covid-19 updates, due to the increase in local cases.

They said they will be providing more detail each week, including age and locations of cases.

The current update, which can be seen on Facebook pages administered by the Health Department, as well as Sanilac Broadcasting’s page, is for the month of August.

According to authorities, updates moving forward will be weekly.