Lexington landmark reopening following major improvements

A local Sanilac County resident is breathing new life into a business that had been shuttered more often than not in recent years. Renovation work is underway in Lexington’s waterfront restaurant The Windjammer that will be getting a new bar, kitchen and rebuilt ice cream shop as new management tries to bring it back to its historical glory days. The new ownership intends to keep the same name of the business that has become famous to Lexington and the surrounding area for over 50 years. According to reports, the Windjammer had been closed the past couple years, closing in January 2020 for a major renovation project and before that closing voluntarily in August 2019 after the Sanilac County Health Department cited multiple code violations during an inspection. Lexington resident Richard Laframboise entered into a lease late last year for the Windjammer and has said he plans to maintain the legacy and history of the landmark business. According to plans, the Windjammer will reopen in phases with the bar area scheduled for an opening by March 1st. Owners and leasees agree that the goal is to bring The Windjammer back to its historical glory days with a full bar, complete new kitchen and a re-constructed ice cream shop.