Congresswoman McClain issues statement regarding violence at capitol

Congresswoman Lisa McClain, a freshman Republican serving Michigan’s 10th Congressional District, has released a statement condemning Wednesday’s violence and rioting at the nation’s capitol.

“Today was an atrocious day for Democracy,” McClain says in her statement. “What started out as Members of Congress following a sacred and Constitutional tradition, quickly was overcome by violent protestors. I wholeheartedly condemn the violence and vandalism at the Capitol and all who participated in such evil behavior. These vile acts are a slap in the face to peace-loving Americans.”

“As the sun sets in Washington, I truly hope that we awaken tomorrow as a more unified nation that will never again allow such darkness to rear its ugly head,” McClain adds. “We are all Americans–first and foremost.”

“A sincere thank you to all law enforcement officers, they are the heroes of today. God Bless America.”