Big Boy business Tanks in Sandusky

A local Sandusky business continues to go against Michigan Department of Health and Human Services orders and has taken drastic steps to continue his fight to stay in business.
After the order was given to stop all indoor dining, the Sandusky Big Boy management decided they would stay open, drawing the attention of the MDHHS and the Sanilac County Health Department.
Health Department Director Bryant Wilke visited the business last week and had an exchange of some kind with staff, leading Troy Tank to say he was staying open.  In a social media message early Friday morning, Tank wrote:
“Attention patrons, supporters and fellow patriots ….. At this time we plan on and will remain open daily. Unfortunately we have been contacted by corporate Big Boy and they are planning on taking legal action against us.
It is our decision at this time due to our hand being forced to terminate the franchise agreement we have with them.
We had hoped that after 35 years of working together that corporate would sympathize with our cause and rally behind us, they did not.
So because of this we plan on moving forward without them.”
Tank thanked the corporation  for all the years of partnership and memories and wished them luck. He also asked supporters to ” be patient as this adds many more hurdles to address in this already crazy time”.
The Big Boy corporation has said they stand by the MSHHS in their decision.