Sanilac County Polling locations


Sanilac County Clerk Denise McGuire has released the following polling locations in advance of the General Election on November 3rd.


Argyle Township Argyle Township Hall, 5018 Ubly Rd. Edward J. Pfaff
Austin Township Hall @ 8321 S. Ubly Rd. Carrie Franzel
Bridgehampton Township Hall @ 491 N. Ruth Rd. Shelly McCarty
Buel Township Hall @ 2565 Hall Rd. Lisa Wood
City of Brown City Hall @ 4205 Main St, Brown City Juanita Smith
City of Croswell Community Center @ 124 N. Howard St., Croswell Suzanne Dobson
City of Marlette Hall @ 6436 Morris St, Marlette Meranda Lentz
City of Sandusky Hall @ 26 W. Speaker St, Sandusky Laurie Burns
Custer Township Hall @ 613 E. Forester Rd. Robert Kirkpatrick
Delaware Township Hall @ 7979 Maple Grove Rd. Michael Erdman
Elk Township Hall @ 29 East Lapeer St, Peck Wanda S. Grifka
Elmer Township Hope Lutheran Church, 2510 Juhl Rd. Lisa M. Schmidt
Evergreen Township Hall @ 5514 Shabbona Rd. Randy Severance
Flynn Township Township Senior Center, 5251 Shephard Rd. Katherine Wilson
Forester Township Hall @ 2470 N. Lakeshore Rd. Marjorie Hoenicke
Fremont Township Hall @ 2512 E. Galbraith Line Rd. Reta Gardner
Greenleaf Township Hall @ 6435 Bay City Forestville Rd. Judy Keller
Lamotte Township Hall @ 6271 Snover Rd. Kysha Warczinsky
Lexington Township Hall @ 7227 Huron Ave. Doriann Rice
Maple Valley Township Hall @ 8014 Shephard Rd. Janice Bartle
Marion Township Community Center @ 3451 Main St. Deborah G. Williamson
Marlette Township Hall @ 6725 Airport Rd. Cheryl A. Gould
Minden Township Hall @ 1657 Main Street, Minden City Darcy L. Hansen
Moore Township Hall @ 1536 Main St., Snover Naysa Heilig
Sanilac Township Bark Shanty Comm. Center @ 135 Church St. Suzanne Shagena
Speaker Township Hall @ 7630 N. Brockway Rd. (M-19) Dawn Cubitt
Washington Township Hall @ 2520 Hyde Rd. Tina Willis
Watertown Township Hall @ 2630 S. Sandusky Rd. Tammy J. Ross
Wheatland Township Hall @ 4493 Chevington Rd. Tina M. Terbrack
Worth Township Hall @ 6903 S. Lakeshore Rd. Jennifer Marshall